This is my Webcomic! TomaComics follows me, Toma, (Toe-ma, an introverted artist, gamer, lover of all things burgers, and honorary member of my cat's tribe) my lovely girlfriend, my cats and we're just doing things. 

Those who know me in my personal life know i don't talk much. It's true, but surprisingly i have lots to talk about with TomaComics. 

I want to speak to the adventures of being a long term relationship and all the entertainment that comes with that. 

I want to speak about my cats. Simply because they are not normal...

I'm going to speak to the changes of masculinity in our modern society and why that's not such a bad thing.

It's a lot to tackle with one little webcomic, but i hope some will find joy in it, laugh or say "me too".

Feel free to ask me any questions!

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